Intermediate Dough Proofer Machine

Alptekin intermediate dough proofer machines are designed to increase the efficiency of the dough processing controls such as temperature, humidity and static atmosphere as a whole.

Dough proofer machines are manufactured for processing of different types of dough and dough capacity. Dough inlet and outlet directions can be changed.

Dough proofer machines purposed for the processing of different types of dough and are manufactured as I , L and conveyor type. 

Model ALP-HD 1 ALP-HD 2
Capacity (pcs/h)  1800-2000 2000-2500
Number of Pockets (pcs) 154 280
Dough  Weight (gr) 100-1000 100-1000
Proofing Time (min) 4-5 8-12
Electric Power (kw) 1,1 1,1
WidthxLengthxHeight (mm)   1635x1200x2200 1640x1730x2200
Weight (kg)
620 950