Long Dough Moulder Machine

Alptekin long dough moulder machines can be manufactured with 2 or 4 special rollers and single or double pressure boards.

Possesses features such as flour duster, adjustable pressure boards, chain drag, automatic roller scrapers, dough size adjustment, and collection tray. 

Model ALP-SV 1 ALP-SV 2
Capacity (pcs/h)  2500 2500
Number of Pillows (pcs) 1 2
Number of Sheeters 2-4 2-4
Dough Weight (gr)  50-1000 50-1000
Electric Power (kw) 1,1 1,1
Width x Length x Height (mm)  1600x680x110 2200x680x1250
Weight (kg) 225 240