Multideck Oven (Matador)

Multideck oven heat is provided with low fuel consumption. Heat transfer provides homogenous baking of the products with the help of air circulation fan and adjustable valves. 

Usage of stones, that possess optimum thermal conductivity in each deck of the multideck oven and passive atmospheric baking area provides quality baking. Baking area of the multideck oven ranges betwen 5m2and 18m2. Steam generation system of each deck is independent from each other.

Besides bread baking it is also used for patisserie.Possibility of observing the baking process due to the interior ligh tand tempered glass on thedoor of theoven. Oven heat automatically remains constant at set temperature and as the baking time is completed audible warning turns on.

Multideck oven models vary depending on deck number, baking area and fuel type (fueloil, LPG, naturalgas, electricity). Depending on customer demand we also manufacture rotary oven that use special fuel type as natural energy sources (wood, apricot, nut and peanut shell).

Model ALP-BM-50 ALP-BM-80 ALP-BM-100 ALP-BM-150 ALP-BM-180
Baking Area (m2) 5 8 10 15 18
Number of Decks (pcs) 4 4 4 4 4
Maximum Heat Temperature(°C) 280-320 280-320 280-320 280-320 280-320
Width x Length x Height (mm)  1950x2400x2500 1850x2700x2300 1900x3250x2350 2500x3250x2350 2500x3650x2350
Electric Power (kW) 3-3,5 3-3,5 3,5-4,2 3,5-4,2 3,5-4,2
Weight (kg) 1950 2150 3450 4250 4900
Palett Trolley and Dimensions
WidthxLength (mm)  580x1200 580x2000 580x2400 580x2400 580x2800
Number of Paletts(pcs) 8 8 8 12 12