Electric Deck Oven

Alptekin electric deck oven consists of  decks that are independent ovens and that can be operated at different temperature in order to bake various types of products at the same time.

Heating elements used in electric deck oven possess features like ceramic structure and dry type heating which provide even baking, quality production and easy maintenance. Usage of stones, that possess optimum thermal conductivity in each deck of the electric deck oven and stability of the heat with in decks provide quality baking.

For the convenience of our customers control panels are optional as both manual and PLC. Possibility of viewing the baking process due to the heat resistant interior lighting lamp and tempered glass door of the oven.

Oven heat automatically remains constant at set temperature and as the baking time is completed audible warning turns on.

Model ALP-EF 1 ALP-EF 2
Deck Dimensions (mm) 1850 x 1620 x 360 1250 x 1250 x 360
Baking Area (m2) 4 2
Maximum Number of Decks (pcs)  4 4
Fermentation Room (pcs) 4 4
Electric Power (kW)   22 10
Fermentation Room Power (kW)  3 3
Deck Weight (kg)  180 95
Fermentation Room Weight (kg)  125 100