Convection Pastry Oven

Alptekin convection pastry oven enables baking of the various products through its high heat efficiency that is obtained with low fuel consumption. Models and the design of the ovens can be changed and adjusted according to the place of the customer.

Convection oven models are available for patisserie, hotel, hospital, university, and restaurants and possess easy/practical usage and maintenance. For the convenience of our customers control panels are optional as both manual and PLC.

Possibility of observing the baking process due to the interior light and tempered glass door of the oven. Alptekin convection pastry ovens fuel type can be either natural gas or electric.

Number of Pans (pcs) 9 9
Pan Dimensions (mm) 400x600 400x600
Width x Length x Height (mm) 850x1400x2100 850x1400x2100
Electric Power (kw) 16,5 1,5
Weight (kg) 225 225