Steam Pipe Deck Oven 2

Alptekin steam pipe deck ovens realize baking process through closed circuit pipe system. Burning chamber with widened surface area and  pipe line with high heat conductivity enable homogenous and series baking at all decks by low fuel consumption.

Interior lighting and tempered glass on each deck enable the observation of the baking process. Oven heat automatically remains constant at set temperature and as the baking time is completed audible warning turns on.

Steam pipe deck oven models vary depending on the number of decks and fuel type (fuel oil, LPG, natural gas, electricity). Depending on customer demand we also manufacture steam pipe deck oven that uses special fuel type as natural energy source (wood, apricot, nut and peanut shell).

Model BM-40 BM-60 BM-80
Capacity (pcs/hour) 150 225 300
Baking Area (m2) 4 6 8
Number of Decks (pcs) 4 4 4
Max. Temperature Degree (°C) 290 290 290
Heat Capacity (kcal/h) 26000 43000 50000
Burner Gas Pressure (mbar) 20-300 20-300 20-300
Electric Power (kW) 1,4 1,8 1,8
Number of Pallets (pcs) 4 8 8
Pallet Size (mm) 820x1800 620x1800 620x2200
Interior Width (mm) 820 1240 1240
Interior Length (mm) 1240 1240 1660
Interior Height (mm) 175 200 200
Width (mm) 1350 1980 1980
Length (mm) 2150 2150 2390
Height (mm) 1960 2140 2140
Weight (kg) 1650 3000 4000

*Capacity is for 300gr bread, can be changed based on dough weight