Rotary Oven

Alptekin rotary ovens are manufactured both as single trolley oven and double trolley oven. One of the main features of the rotary oven is the even baking of the products through its maximum heat, steam efficiency and fuel consumption.

For the convenience of our customers control panels are optional as both manual and PLC.  Possibility of observing the baking process due to the interior light and tempered glass door.

Oven heat automatically remains constant at set temperature and as the baking time is completed audible warning of the oven turns on.

Rotary oven models vary depending on the pan sizes and fuel type ( fuel oil, LPG, natural gas, electricity). Depending on customer demand we also manufacture rotary oven that use special fuel type as natural energy sources (wood, apricot, nut and peanut shell).

Model BT-100 BT-150 BT-250
Capacity (pcs/8 h) 1776 3360 5712
Maximum Temperature (°C )  280-320 280-320 280-320
Number of Pans (adet)  12 -14 14-16 16-18
Number of Pans (mm) 400 x 600\530 x 650 600 x 800 740 x 980\750 x 1040\800 x 1000
Electric Power (kW)  2,2-3,5 2,2-3,5 2,5-3,5
Width x Length x Height (mm) 1350 x 1800 x 2150 1550 x 2400 x 2250 1905 x 2650 x 2450
Weight (kg) 1600 2100 2500