Bread Slicing Machine

Alptekin bread slicing machine provides the possibility of slicing of the different types of the bread and in the desired ranges of the bread thickness.

Bread slicing machine with a gentle slicing and cutting feature is used not only in the industrial bread production areas but also in  bakeries, restaurants, and in hotels. 

Alptekin bread slicing machine provides security, , quite work process, easy maintenance and cleaning togather with different models as slicing the bread both in the horizontal and vertical position.

Slicing Capacity (pcs/h)  500 500
Slice Thickness (mm)       10-13-16-20 20
Number of Slicing Knives (pcs)  28-30 24-26
Electric Power (kW) 0,37 0,37
Width x Length x Height (mm)  650 x 720 x 1100 650 x 820 x 1100
Weight (kg) 130 135