About Us

We provide service to the sector with our operations that we started in Turkey in 1980, with our production at our factories in Istanbul and Malatya today, and with our professional staff working at our stores in in Romania and Moldova.

We produce general food processing machinery, complete unit, machinery and equipment for processing of fresh and dry fruits, vegetables and plants that are customized according to the needs of our customers, and provide training and integrated solutions in this regard.

In our projects that we conduct jointly with public and private sector organizations, corporate/enterprise development of customers is accelerated with activities such as first of all the initial structuring, process designing, overall organizational designing, designing and developing the information sharing in the sector.

Our aim is to lead the excellence with our works, to remain a respected company in the sector and to make this respect permanent.

Our goal is to make, with our technological R & D (research and development) studies, the demands as a result of efficiency of equipment, machinery in our production line wide range and in accordance with appropriate international standards and the principle of continuity, make these products the first choice of the users.

Our Principles are to produce KORALP A + + energy efficiency, high-performance processing machinery and equipment, with the principle of respect for nature,

To have effective and creative communication in order to better quality of our services. To provide our customers with professional services by analyzing the requirements in that sense.

To conclude our customers' demands with scientific work, to develop service targets that will enable us to provide services that exceed the expectations of our customers, and to prepare an appropriate customer service plan in order to reach our goals and to require for regular assessments of this plan.

To fulfill the demands, foresee potential problems and make planned applications in order to avoid surprises and to timely analyze technical or service shortcomings, by taking in the spirit of mutual respect.