These machines wash and clean such as plastic, metal alloy boxes, totes, baskets, pans and other similar products that are used in industrial food processing plants, with low-power and low labor force.
Our industrial washing machines are with various features and capacity options with hot water rinse, detergent, surface water intake, speed control features.
The use of machines, their cleaning and maintenance are easy and fully automatic. Its recycling is with metal filter to keep debris. A specially designed nozzle that sprays liquid to all the surface parts of the products in order to achieve 100% homogeneity in washing. The pumps and fans used are heat-resistant and intended for industrial use.

The washing machine, which is comprised of pre-steeping, washing, rinsing and surface water intake parts, is a complete all-in-one product with wheels.

Areas of use: washing plastic baskets, boxes, pallets, trays and pans used in such as fresh and dried fruit plants, vegetable plants, meat integrated plants, poultry and poultry products plants, bread and bakery factories, chocolate and biscuits production plants.
Our Machine Models:
Tunnel washing, rotary washing, hanging washing, basin washing and conveyor type washing.

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